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  Callus Rasps  



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Callus Rasps
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Color: Customized

Style: Colorful, Portable

Material: Stainless Steel

Function: Clean, Polish, Smooth, UnKeep


This foot care product callus remover is made to effectively remove the dead, hard & cracked skins or callus on foot. It combines the solid stainless steel construction with the sharp blade, and is perfect for daily use.

User Guide:

  1. Bathe your feet in warm water for 15-30 minutes till the callus become white.

  2. Dry the foot, and place the blade of the callus remover at the bottom of the callus or dead skin, then pull the callus remover up, then repeat it again till the callus is removed completely.

  3. After removing the callus or dead skin, use the foot file to clean and grind the foot to make the skin delicate and smooth. Blade Change

  • When you want to change a blade, please grip the blade holder at two sides with one hand, and hold the handle with the other hand, then press the raised blade with your fore finger and push it down

  • When you want to change the direction of the blade, please remove the blade and rotate it, then install the blade again. So easy!

Safety Tips:

1. Disinfect the product before you use it

2. Do not use on broken or bleeding skin

3. Pay attention to the strength during use, avoid the damage

4. Keep it away from children

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